VIHA is a non-profit organization serving professionals who are working in the occupational health and safety, industrial hygiene and environmental health fileds. Our operating principles are to Promote Worker Health Protection. Our main activities are:

  • to train workers on occupational health, safety (OHS) and industrial hygiene,
  • to qualify experienced OHS professionals to be industrial hygienists and
  • to assist OHS professionals, toxicologists and occupational medical doctors to prepare for industrial hygiene and safety exams.

Covid-19 Outbreak Update

VIHA team will update Covid-19 situations 24/7.Please click on the news below to see what is on in 24/7

VIHA Membership

Who can join VIHA and become a member?

The answer is that anyone with passion and knowledge of occupational hygiene or industrial hygiene wishing to become a VIHA member can apply. There are several different levels of membership that requires a certain amount of education and experience.

If you need assistance with an application process, please contact us at

Be Ready for coronavirus (WHO)

Industrial Hygiene Training

OHTA Certifications

OSHA Certifications


Protect yourself and others from getting sick (WHO)

Recent Projects

3M Global Impact Project

Worker Safety Impact Program
World Safety Organization Vietnam worked with 3M Impact Global Impact Team, Pyxera Global to host 3M Safety Impact project from 4 Nov to 15 Nov 2019 in HCMC, Vietnam.

Stay healthy while travelling (WHO)

Upcoming Events

VIHA holds regular webinars, talks, and knowledge sharings. The activity is free but participants have to pay themselves freshments. The talks are various but all about occupational health,  safety and industrial hygiene (IH).

Anyone with passion to help others to grow the knowledge is welcome to register as our event speakers. Email or Call 0768.49.49.49 to join us. Explore more information below

  • Closer IH knowledge gaps for local workforce

    IH Webinars

  • Briding OH gaps in OH Development Open New Horizons

    IOHA 2020

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